Part 1: General concerns

1. What is Karty oil painting service?

Our service will customize your photo and turn it into oil painting.

2. Why should I get my photo painted by Karty?

All the oil painting is meticulously made with our love and talent, so that you can express your love deeply and truly.

3. Can Karty paint 'everything' regardless of content?

In general, we can paint almost everything that our customer want. However, if it is a special requirement, please send us an email to support@karty.com or chat live with us and we will reply asap.

4. Who is painting my photos?

All the paintings are made by talented artists of Karty. They are experienced artists and have done many pieces of artwork.

5. How can I order on Karty.com?

Firstly, you choose “Oil Painting” section to see our suggestion on which painting you should have. Then, you click on the sub-categories that you want, and fill in all required information, including upload a photo of yours. When you have decided on all sections, click the “Add to cart” button. Filling in required information of billing information, shipping address and payment method. Click “Check out” to finish your order.

6. How do I change requirements for my painting?

Please email us at support@karty.com

7. Can I check my oil painting before it is shipped?

We always send you a photo of the final product to get your approval before send it to you.

8. How many revisions can I have?

You can have 2 revisions at maximum if our painting doesn’t meet your requirement. If you change your mind and want to fix anything which are different to your previous requirement, please let us know. If it is a small change, we will do it free of charge. If it require lots of work, you will be charged a small extra fee.

9. Do I have Money Back Guarantee on Karty?

We guarantee you 100% money back if any damage or loss during the shipping time. If customer don’t like it, customer will get the painting fee back after return the painting to us within 30 days. We will not refund the shipping fee back.

10. Do I get a new painting free in case of damage or lost shipments?

Yes, if it is the case, we will make new painting and send it to you without any charge.

Part 2: Order

1. How do I open an account?

You can register an account by click on “My account” section, then click “create account”. Fill in all required information, then click “proceed” to finish registration.

2. Can I buy without open an account?

Of course you can, but it will be faster and easier for following order if you have already had an account.

3. How do I order?

Step 1: Decide on whether you want an oil painting or a printing, then select the favorable category.
Step 2: Upload your photo.
Step 3: Choose size, background, finishing option, quantity and then “Add to cart button”.
Step 4: If you want to order other product, please click on “Continue Shopping”. If you are ready for check out, please click on “Proceed to checkout”.
Step 5: Fill in all required information in “One page check out” if you do not have an account, or log in if you have an account. Choose payment method.
Step 6: Click “Check out” button.

4. Where can I view My Cart?

You can view your cart by click on the red “item” button next to the search icon, on the top-right corner.

5. What image size should I upload to have best quality painting replica?

The best size to have the best quality painting replica is 800-1000 pixel. If you have smaller than that size or not sure about the size, please email us at support@karty.com your photo and we will check for you.

6. How many size of paintings are there?

Check the table below for oil painting sizes and prices

12" x 12"$49
12" x 16"$59
16" x 20"$77
18" x 24"$86
24" x 36"$112
30" x 40"$125
36" x 48"$159
48" x 72"$203
7. How can I change the size of my painting?

If you want to change the size of your painting after you have checkout, please send us an email at support@karty.com. And provide the order information (Receipt no., order time,etc). The size can be changed within 3 days since you purchased.

8. Can I track my order status?

After about 10-12 working days, we will send photo to you to get your approval before send it out. We will let you know after we send it out. The regular shipping takes around 15-20 days. The express shipping takes around 5-7 days.

Part 3: Payment

1. How can I checkout with Karty?

After choosing your product and decide on its features, you can click on the red “Item” button on the top-right corner of the page. Click “ Proceed to checkout” and then fill in all required information if you do not have an account or log in if you have one. Check all the information of the product and your billing information again, then click on “Check out” button to finish.

2. What payment methods can I use to check out on Karty?

Karty support payment through Paypal, Paypal credit, or money order.

3. How do I use my coupon at check out?


4. Can I have my payment escrowed?

We will work on your order after get payment.

5. Can I pay after I receive my painting?

We only work on orders after get full payment


Part 4: Shipping

1. Where can Karty ship to?

Karty can ship to wherever the vnpost is supported (most of the countries in the world).

2. How long does it take get my painting delivered?

(Full list of target countries/states/zip code with estimated time)
After having your approval, we will deliver the painting immediately to you. The shipping time is around 15-25 days with regular shipping and 5-7 days with express shipping (DHL, FED EX, UPS).

3. How much is shipping fee to my location?

Free shipping for order over 45usd (regular shipping).

Part 5: Cancel & Refunds

1. How do I cancel an order?

Cancel within 24hour free of charge. Cancel within 3 days, 30% charge. Cancel within a week, 70% charge.

2. When can I cancel my order without paying cancellation fees?

Cancel within 24hour free of charge.

3. How do I get a refund if I cancel my order successfully?

We will refund to you after get your cancellation.

4. How can I claim Money Back Guarantee 100% if I return the goods?

We always send the photo of product after finish to get customer’s approval before send it out. If the product get damage during the shipping, please send us photo of the damage right after you get it, we will refund you the money. For the other reason as the painting is not as your approval, the quality is not as our description, please return it to us within 30 days. After check if it is no damage, same as our original, we will refund you the painting fee.
Please note that the color of the painting is always different a bit as color show on your laptop, smartphone, computer because of the screen colors are different.